The bE Squad

Join The bE Squad

Enroll in The 3 E’s to Well Being 12 Week Transformation Program

Join a group of likeminded individuals that are set out to Exercise, Eat Clean and achieve Emotional Balance and Mindset. Here’s where you become a part of a team. We are all in this together; you are not alone on your journey.

What’s Included:

  • bE Squad Program Manual. A program manual and work book designed to work as a tool for your success throughout your 12 week program (Digital PDF). Outlined within the manual will be your 3 E’s to Well bEing: Exercise. Eating Clean. Emotional Balance and Mindset.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group. This is highly recommended as it will only make the program more enjoyable by being connected to your bE squad. This will be your support system, accountability threshold, and personal cheering section through a team atmosphere. 
  • 12 Weeks’ Worth of Coaching with E.
    • Phase One: 6  Week bE Strong Workout Program
      6  Week bE Healthy Meal Plan
      Supplement Suggestions
    • Phase Two: 6  Week bE Strong Workout Program
      6  Week bE Healthy Meal Plan
      Maintenance Goal Setting bElieve In Yourself Plan
  • Grocery List.
  • While being part of the bE Squad there are requirements to follow. While you’re in E’s hands she requires you to: Send her Progress Pictures and Weigh In Results every 2 weeks.  If you do not have a desire to track your nutrition, workouts and progress; don’t enroll in this program. This just isn’t your jam. Space is limited and the program does sell out. There are other options for you to work with E.
  • 10% Discount on bE apparel.
  • bE Coffee mug.
  • E’s Playlist to download for your workouts.

Jump Start Program

Here’s your chance to:
  • Get accustomed to E’s style of workouts.
  • Complete a 3 week shredding program designed to burn body fat while preserving lean muscle and strength.
  • Prepare for the next group program. (12 Week 3 E’s of Well bEing Transformation Program). Your first 6 weeks will build off your progress and performance from these initial 3 weeks.
  • Follow all of the requirements of this Jump Start and earn your chance to win apparel and a discount towards the 12 Week 3’E’s of Well bEing Transformation Program.
What’s Included:
  • 3 Week workout program designed to lean out, build strength and endurance.
  • 3 Week Meal Guide designed to burn body fat. This does not include a grocery list or meal plan laid out for every single day. It serves as guidance and assistance for everything you need to be successful during your Jump Start Program.
  • Preparation for 12 Week 3 E’s of Well bEing Transformation Program. Although this is not mandatory. Completion of your Jump Start Program secures your spot in the next group of the 12 Week Program at a discounted rate.
  • bE Coffee Mug.

bE One on One with E

One on One Personalized 12 Weeks With E.

This is a personal enrollment option for a 12 Week 3 E’s of Well bEing Transformation Program.

If you feel a group setting is not for you and would prefer a more personal approach to working with Elisha this is an option for you.