bE Healthy

6 Week Customized Meal Plan

Let’s change your habits and set your mind towards a healthier lifestyle while getting rid of some ‘stuff’ such as excess weight and toxins.

What’s Included:

  • It’s Personal. There is a detailed questionnaire that you will fill out before your begin. This will be our starting point to creating your detailed plan.
  • A meal plan designed to co-inside with your goals for the next 6 weeks.
  • Planned meals and a grocery list based on your meal plan and food preferences.
  • A suggested supplement list. These are recommendations and are not mandatory.
  • A list of E’s favorite products to help with cravings and to take away any feeling of being deprived.
  • Some of E’s favorite recipes from Health Food Junkie.
  • Weekly check in’s.
  • bE Coffee mug.
  • 10% discount on bE Apparel

bE Even Healthier

Maintenance Membership Program

  • A maintenance program only available to clients who have completed the initial 6 Week bE Healthy Nutrition Program with E.
  • A monthly exclusive membership providing you with a 4 week meal plan based on the time of year.
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook Group for support and encouragement. Share recipes and meal prep ideas, hosted by E.
  • Recipes and exclusive videos of behind the scenes of ‘What is in E’s Fridge’, for ideas and tools to maintain your healthier lifestyle.
  • 10% discount on bE Apparel.