Elisha Rubenstein


I look at setting goals and embarking on a health and fitness journey from the inside out. My approach isn’t as simple as a ‘diet and exercise’ plan. My method stands on honoring the individuals that I work with. I apply my knowledge, education and most importantly I apply my own self experience as tools for success. One step, one rep, one small change at a time we will accomplish your goals and make everlasting lifestyle changes.
I want to educate you on how to workout and fuel your mind and body properly, with healthy choices. My goal is to create a passion within you for your own health and wellness that will carry over into everything you do. I believe that with a relentless desire and a strong body and mind you can bE your best YOU.
Here’s the boring stuff about me. I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for 10 years. Formally, I worked as a Marketing & Communications Director for an HR Company and as a Marketing Specialist for one of the top Investment companies here in Canada; none of which blew my hair back. I was gaining weight from working long hours and feeling stressed out and exhausted. My passion was not proceeding me. I decided to leave that industry to pursue my purpose in encouraging, inspiring and coaching people to live their healthiest lives possible.
You can see next to my name, the credentials I hold. I am Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist. Published Fitness Expert & Lifestyle Coach. You can catch me on CTV Morning Live, Rogers Daytime Ottawa or read my column for Antidote Magazine, ‘The Body Shop’. I have certifications in Sports Conditioning and Nutrition, which have allowed me to be hired by women’s sports teams on a provincial and national level. Sure, all that sounds fancy, but I believe what matters most is my relentless passion. If you were to meet me in person, you would feel it instantly and that’s what is most EXCITING ABOUT WORKING WITH mE.